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We love hearing how are past babies grow and see pics of them with their new families ~ Enjoy!


Hi Donnie:
Just wanted to let you know Milo is doing well.  He is a very very energetic boy who loves to play. I was suprised my Yorkie (who is half his size) took well to him and although they get into a couple of rumbles a day they seem to be getting along well. I will send you pictures very soon.
Thanks for such a wonderful pup!

Maggie 10 Mos

Hi Doni,


I wanted to write and let you know how our Maggie is doing.  She is almost ten months old now.  She has a sweet face and those wonderful weim pale amber eyes, and velvet ears.  Her blue coat has a beautiful, healthy shine.  It’s fun when people confuse what breed she is due to her color.  She has a sweet disposition and loves attention.  I call her my Velcro dog ‘cause she loves to stick close to me.  She has boundless energy and loves to fetch balls and catch a Frisbee.  Understandably, she still has a lot of puppy in her, and gets herself in trouble.  Last week I made cinnamon rolls to take to a brunch.  I pushed them way back on the counter to cool and went upstairs to get ready to go.  When I got back down she was polishing off the seventh one.  Remarkably she didn’t get sick.       My husband is looking forward to starting her training for hunting this summer.  In the meantime she holds a beautiful point for robins and squirrels in the back yard.

Thanks Doni for breeding such a great dog.  We love her.

Ginny and Jim


Shadow - Showing a True Weim Personality!

Hi Doni,
I hope all is well with you.  Shadow and I are getting along very well.  He graduated from obedience school with
flying colors last week.  The handler told me that if you were to take 20 Weims of the same age as Shadow, maybe
one or two would do as well as he did.  I was very proud of him and love him very much.  I am sending some
recent pics.   Ray

Doc's Shadow of Ohio

Hi Doni,
I hope you had an enjoyable and productive visit to Germany.  
Shadow is growing up fast.  He is a great companion and friend already.  He is loved by all family members,
their dogs, friends and even strangers.  I can't thank you enough for selecting him for me.  He is perfect.
I am attaching some recent photos.  We begin obedience training in two weeks.      Ray

Drehbar's Ziva the Diva

Doni, Thank you so much for my Ziva.  She is my pride and joy. I know a dog like this only comes from the best breeder :).  I know coming home in the morning after a hard day in the hospital and seeing her cute face and snuggling with her, makes coming home that much better. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't get compliments on how gorgeous she is.  Since getting Ziva from you I have been interconnected with other Weim owners and it has been great getting to know new people.  I know in the future she will be our Champion Drehbar's Ziva the Diva!

Maggie - 10 MOS


Winnie with one of her kids!

Brian & Meg's Winnie

Good morning Doni!  Here is a copy of the health exam from the vet.  Winny is doing great...she is so sweet and loving!  I will send some pictures of her and the boys as soon as I can!

Just wanted to let you know that Grace is doing great!  She is the sweetest and brightest little dog.  I was in the OR a week ago and we had a snow day....when I called home Brianna was out sledding with Grace. She goes into her crate with an inside command and is basically house broken...the only mistakes are mine...ie waiting more than 20 minutes after she eats.  She went to the vet last week for her 12 week shots.  The vet didn't have the recombinant Distemper and has it on order.  I'm fearful to do the Lyme and Lepto. but the vet feels Grace is at risk due to the fact that we go for frequent walks in the woods (with puddles).  What is your thoughts?  Do I risk it?
Grace has bonded nicely with the family.  We all take turns resting with her on her bed while watching TV.
Thank you so much for this wonderful puppy.  She truly is the best.


Hi Doni,

she is doing great. very sweet temperament. has everyone, including staff of petsmart wrapped around her paws already. met a bunch of new doggies at the store and did very well with them. she's signed up for puppy training school too. the cat is taking it better than expected, too.

just to be sure - you were feeding her 2 cups 2X a day for a total of 4 cups, or 1 cup 2X per day for a total of 2 cups?

i attached a few shots from photo shoot #1 =).


Drehbar's Mississippi Blue Genesis "JENNY"
Now folks is she not just perfect!

Hi Donelle!

Jenny is doing great.  She is doing really good on her house breaking but she HATES her crate.  She screams bloody murder when you put her in it.  We have been putting her in for a few min. a day trying to get her used to it before Phil has to go back to work.  She is so funny.  We just love her to death.  So far, she loves both of us.  She loves to cuddle up with us at night when she sleeps.

Today she weighed 11.4 pounds.  It seems like we can see her growing everyday.  My sister came for a visit and she fell in love with Jenny.  She wanted to take her home with her - I told her she would have to take me and Phil if she took Jenny.

Here are a few pics for you to see.  Thanks again, we couldn't be happier!  She is the apple of our eye.  She loves to chase Phil around the back yard then come in the house and crawl up in mine or Phil's lap and take a nap.

We all say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Phil asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told him I had Jenny and didn't need anything else.  She was the best Christmas present ever.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

Phil, Dottie and Jenny