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Here is some information about us and how to contact us ~ We have a few litters  a year and have a waiting list for all litters.  Buying a puppy should be a well thought process please let us know what you are looking for and we will make sure we let you know when we have a litter.
E-mail is the best way to contact me I check it in the am and pm - If you would like to try calling my phone is 231-250-8346.  I will return calls between noon and 2pm M-F Please leave the time you can be reached if this doesn't work for you.
We will be happy to provide you with a list of references you can contact if you are unable to travel here - this list includes our vet, veterinary professionals who have used our dogs for stud, past clients, and people I show with - ALL who know me and have been to my home and know my dogs. 

Our Business Philosophy

Our objective is to provide quality healthy life long companions.  If you are unable to keep a pup you have purchased from us we will take it back rather than see it euthanized or placed in a shelter.
We also encourage you to consider a rescue weimaraner and will assist anyone with this goal in any way we can.  Five of our ten weimaraners were adopted or rescued.  You can get a great companion who is smart and loyal to you.

Our Family

We have two children 23 & 26.  My husband and the kids train and hunt with the weims.  I train hunt and show the weims in conformation.  Taking care of children and raising dogs is my FULL time job, I am also a freelance photographer.

Our Kennel

When researching a name for my kennel I ran across Drehbar which translated to versatile. Since the weimaraner is a versatile hunting dog in that it points, flushes & retrieves we thought Drehbar was a fitting name. 

Please email me for a waiting list form and instructions - we will have only 4-5 spots guaranteed on a waiting list and we require a $50 deposit (applied to purchase of pup) for our list.  Please call 231-250-8346 or email drehbarweims@gmail.com