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United Kennel Club - UKC


UKC now registers Blue weimaraners!  Effective November 1, 2009.
Effective 1-1-10 UKC will allow the Long Hair to be shown with the smooth coated weimaraners.  We are awaiting information on the addition of the blue coat and will keep you posted.   If you are willing to support this please add your name to our Petition-WE WILL NOT SELL OR USE YOUR INFORMATION FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE


Often I am asked about the diferences between UKC and AKC.  We currently dual register all of our dogs and some puppies in AKC & UKC. 
When I decided to show my dogs in conformation - I took a conformation class at a Kennel Club an hours drive from my rural location - I loved it I met some great people handling their own dogs.  I knew UKC was an owner-handled situation from my attending an event with my sister.  We spoke to many people showing and asks tons of questions - one being what is the difference between the two.
We also attended a couple AKC confromation events and learned AKC has professional handled dogs and owner handled dogs.  In UKC it is against the rules to have a professional handler be compensated for showing a dog.  I am not fully aware of the point system for AKC as we DO NOT currently show AKC. I can however tell you that in UKC you must earn 100 points for a champion and three wins with competition under three different judges.  To win a GRCH title you must win the champions class a minimum of five times with competition (a minimum of three champions in this class) under three different judges.
I know sounds confusing.  In addtion to all of this you must travel to the shows and usually stay overnight for a two or three day event.  I like showing UKC because they offer several area shows in Michigan and ussually thee is one every month somewhere in Michigan.  I show because it is fun to show in UKC - I have met wonderful people and made many friends.  I also have a pretty busy home life with two children and a working hobby farm - my children both show in 4-H so our summers are busy.  Having multiple show dates to choose from works for me.  UKC has recently added a pointing dog class of events and are working toward holding field type events for pointing dogs - we encourage kids and anyone looking for something fun to do with their dogs to check out UKC events its great fun!

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