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Pup Updates IV (Long Hair Litter)
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We are building a waiting list for a 2011 Long Hair litter please contact me for more details at drehbarweims@wildblue.net

Updates from our first Long Hair Litter!

Marley 4 mos on Point Flocki X Lenny Pup

Loves to Retreive

The photo from Annie's First show with her Sire
The photo from the day UKC accepted Long Hair! - Thanks Patti

Drehbar's Annie of Graudean is placing in shows in Canada and the US she is being handled by John Dean who also owns GRCH Graudean Indigo Silversmith - Below is a recent update from John on Annie's Show Career  - Thanks John for all you are doing with our long hair girl!
 Well she is getting better ,bigger but still a puppy !!
 At the Essex County show Annie won 1 Best of Breed ,2 Best Puppy in Breed and 1 BEST PUPPY in Group 1.
 The judges that have seen her before ,say that she is looking so much better,with beautiful movement.
 Lots of other people looked at her and think she is fantastic.
 Newed you to send me some of your cards ,geeting people asking where to buy one.
 Will send picts when I figure out how to .
 Trust everything is going OK !!
 Bert is going to do some training with Annie so he can take her to a field trial in Alabama that hes going to in the spring.

Below is an update and link from Meg who purchased a long hair weimaraner from my November litter ~ she has way more computer talent then I!  Enjoy Odin's Update
Hi Doni-
I have been meaning to send a proper update too. Odin is continuing to do so well. He is full of character, sharp as a tack, biddable, and quite handsome if I may say so myself:) We go to puppy classes twice a week and he has taken so well to clicker training that I am starting to teach him little jobs like fetching my keys. He has a keen natural retrieve and will eagerly fetch a toy 40 times. He is incredibly food motivated and I've caught him trying to steal treats from less than obvious storage places on several occasions, ha! Overall he is very loving yet ready to work at the drop of a dime, so it is a learning curve for us both. Trying to challenge him keeps me on my toes.

So yep, all is well. Thanks again for stepping out of your way to get me this boy. Here's a photo slideshow where you can see him progress from the day he came home through just this past weekend:

I haven't had much time for my amateur video making lately, but do plan to put up more in the future. Hope you're not too cold up there in Michigan.


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